Arkansas Foodbank

Donald W. Reynolds Distribution Center

This facility is a new beginning for the Arkansas Foodbank and for their overall mission of providing food to over 400 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and school-feeding programs across the state.

The construction of this facility was made possible through a $14 million capital campaign that included a $10.3 million Challenge Grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in the fall of 2008.  RPPY assisted the Foodbank throughout the entire grant procedure including programming, site selection, and F.F.E. (fixture, furnishings, and equipment) approvals.

This project, located on a new 12 acre site that was donated replaced a dilapidated facility in southwest Little Rock.  This facility will allow the Foodbank to store and distribute over 25 million pounds of food annually which will double it’s current capacity.    With the addition of state-of-the-art freezers and coolers, this facility will be able to accept items such as bananas, which they’ve never accepted before due to differing temperature requirements.

An added mission of the Foodbank is to bring the community and volunteers into the facility and teach them about hunger across the state.  A multi-purpose community room for volunteer events and training are essential to the goals of the organization.  

Since the building has been built, the number of volunteers has increased exponentially and the food output of the Foodbank has grown every year.